Our roots go back to the 90's of the last century. 

Based on six years of experience in conception, development and design for zoos we moved over to the business and fun of creating themed attractions, ending up in Germany's greatest amusement park. Within twelve crazy but also beautiful years we have built various attractions. Among them Germany's highest roller coaster, watercoasters, indoor rides, themed hotels and spa areas, exhibitions and much more. In this time we got advantage of not just designing and developing new attractions but also in operation and maintenance.   

With all this knowledge and experience we started with artEmotional GmbH in 2010 to present our services to our clients. Since that time we have managed a large number of projects of very different kinds. We worked for FC Bayern, Mercedes-Benz, Hansgrohe, Constantin Film, Basel Tattoo, Lasa Marmo, Credit Suisse, Swiss Prime Site, Wincasa and many more companies. The projects ranged from Europe to America and Asia.