Why we are ambassadors for these materials?


Over the many years and various projects we were allowed to work with a variety of materials. We were able to gain a lot of experience. Three of the many materials have entered our hearts. Now it has become our passion to share the experiences with the materials and the experiences with the makers behind the materials with as many of our industry as possible. We want to share the options of the almost undreamt-of freedom of design with others.

In this way, we try to support all structural storytellers, designers, architects, property developers and, above all, building owners in word and deed as ambassadors for the three materials. Through our work in very different projects, we have repeatedly succeeded in developing unusual ideas, surfaces, 3D forms and interior effects, driven by design ideas. 

Do you have an unusual idea - why not do a test with us? We live this passion - promised.

Wall Coverings
Lasa Marmo SRL - Italy
Arzen - Marokko
Welter - Germany

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